Juke joint journeys


  I've met this fellow the Newport pier in the beach and after. Of time just asked if I could take his picture why is the side of the fish house with the grain in the grid of the boards and is colorful attire holiness colorful holiness attire deep thoughts in his mind and much much more you with that picture I am reminded of the times 4 time I take to get the grain in the grid and the colorful attitude in the Mike radio show or in the music that I play the wonderful experience in the morning it when you I'm so lucky I am so luckily to be able to do this what a treat every week in 2 hours the craziness I guess you could say I never know what I'm going to play just cards and gifts I thought goes into it in color is going to envision and ideas and things that make up the basics the juke joint format I don't know I love doing it so thanks to those you that listen go see you that care I certainly appreciate it