:: A Big Howdew & Welcome Folks ::
John Hiatt's Guitars on Tour..
Just had to snap this one of
his party animals backstage..
Ah, yes.. i found the best in
music festival travel....
all it needs is a side-BAR...
git it???? Elec-trick!!!
Luv 2 have 1 ~~ whatever it is
Bill Tapia @ 101 years
Jimbo's Juke Joint & Acoustic Roadhouse Cafe
The Juke Joint every Saturday KUNR & KNCC FM and streaming on the web-!    1-3 pm Pacific Time @  www.kunr.org
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So......      thankx again for givin us a listen!
:: A Big Howdew & Welcome Folks ::
Jimbo's Juke Joint
Yup, it's the Juke Joint
KUNR FM 88.7
(broadcasting from the
University of Nevada,
You can catch the
weekly 2 hour show
3pm to 5pm
Pacific Standard Time
or by live stream at

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And,  the
Juke Joint is  ???
A tasty mix of countryfried
folk, eclectic old-timey
and new acoustic
combined with an
assortment of
blues, ukes, accordians,
melodica's and beyond
way cool instrumentals.  
For the
appreciative listener &
Jimbo's Juke Joint & Acoustic Roadhouse Cafe
Tune into the new "Jimbo's Juke Joint " every Saturday on KUNR & KNCC FM  from 3-5  pm Pacific Time ~~    @  www.kunr.org
" ok santa, git it rollin' "
yup, back from down under, and ready for
the season....  it's another pre-holiday
show and none-too-soon....
enjoy the weather..... and a Big-O
thankX for 12 years of Juke Joint
lator-gators --  jim