I See It In YOu.... 'bout Jimbos Juke Joint today @ 3pm PST KUNR.org

It is one of those days in wonderland.    a little grey in the morning and a thinkin' how lucky can one get....   but then the struggles arise, the tides lift and the music comes a bobblin' in.... so with today's show starting with joe ely (I saw it in You) and ending with chet atkins & mark Knopfler (I'll see you in my dreams) its a neck and neck viewpoint and a journey through the past.  With you ain't going nowhere through wild montana skies over and over and a clip of too many nights in a roadhouse.   but I'll be there susie Q with the beauty of you when the silver threads are gold sweet baby james.    just a sampler of thoughts tied into the music today on the juke joint as life goes on and i hum the hobo song to yard work and thinking of pokey lafarge and his title about "when did you leave heaven" to carolina in the pines and i'm just a mortal man.....   it's all in the playlist of life, love, caring and further beyond these typos......    lator-gators  -- jim