In "terms of my surrender"

From the beginning of "nobody knew his name" and "walk like a man" to the "hypothetical, glamorous, downtown, corner, galway girl" and ending with "dear someone" this week forage into the musical skycamp of this vaga-von songster tramp takes a nod to the songsmiths and thier varied dealings with life in general.    That's how is been for me this week, along with a startling discovery of my good friend, greg lawson, taking it upon himself to plunder into the pages of facebook euphoria....    what a challenge and delight for him all at once.... while this voyeur elludes a de-stink-tive approach to the chatter and prolific struggle with the incomprehensible seclusion of expressive privacy related to advocations of electronic life in general....   kinda like that line from country comforts.....  he's a horse-drawn man until his dyin' days....       most sincerely folks..