Beer, beer, beer, and then there's October fest. .

Juke Joint 3pm To 5PM @ Saturday. ..

Juke Joint 3pm To 5PM @ Saturday. ..

So I thought.. before I fell off the ladder... it's October and I am missing beer buds, brewery folks, beer makers and the like.. 

 So in their honor I illicit response to nuthin but a beer crazy show... 

 Bout beer, 4 beer and everything associated 2 beer...  the belly wampin Carbo infested and ingested wonder drug..   making folks a gush of talkative brilliance in a society of lost compassion..  it is the fulcrum of friendliness in life, music and points beyond..

  So I honor this sacred sacrament with the October fest show this Saturday  10-24-1.. hopefully you pour or pull a draw, enjoy and pass it on....  toy friends and luved ones...  enjoy and toast away..